Qatar Attestation

Qatar Legalisation Service by our in-house Consular team can assist you from start to finish with legalising your documents for use anywhere Qatar.

Documents to be used in Qatar need to be legalised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (Apostille) and then Attested at the Qatar Embassy.  If you have educational documents, you will also need to have your transcript and a Supporting Letter from the University legalised too. (Online or Distance Learning Qualifications not accepted by the Embassy).

Our Qatar Embassy Service below includes this complete process.

Before we can undertake this service for you, some documents may need to be pre-certified by a UK Solicitor or Notarised by a Notary Public before the legalisation process can be started. Some commercial documents may also need to be processed via the Arab Chamber of Commerce.

Whether you are applying for a job, opening up a company or buying/selling a property, we undertake the complete legalisation process on your behalf to ensure that your documents will be accepted when you come to use them in the Qatar. Our fees and service includes the following process:

  1. Solicitor’s Certification (where required – see below)
  2. FCO Apostille Certificate (including their fee)
  3. Qatar Embassy Attestation (including their fee)

To get started, choose from an option below depending on whether your document needs Certification by UK Solicitor first. In most cases, we can do that for you too.  Please contact us for FREE help and guidance if you are unsure and we would be pleased to advise you.

Ready to get started?

Choose from an option below depending on whether your document needs Certification by UK Solicitor first.   In most cases, we can do that for you too.

No Certification Required

Examples: –

UK Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates
UK Divorce Documents (wet ink stamp)
HM Court Documents (wet ink stamp)
ACRO Police Documents (if signed)
Documents already Notarised

Certification Required

Examples: –

Educational & Training  Certificates
Passports & Driving Licences
Un-signed DBS/(CRB) Certificates
ACRO/Disclosure Scotland Certificates
Most Other Non-Public Documents

Degree |Diploma Attestation Package

Examples: –

University Degrees & Diplomas
Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
Masters Degree (M.A.)
Level 5 Qualifications and above

Business Documents

Examples: –

Companies House Documents
PoA & Agency Agreements
Export Documentation

Due to the complexity of commercial documents, we are happy to review them before you place your order.

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